Doggy Photography

11th June 2017
As some of you may know, Chloe and I tend to get a bit snap-happy where our doggy guests are concerned. We’ve spent plenty of time getting great shots of our canine pals (and some not-so-great shots of blurs that kind of resemble a dog…) In this post, we share some ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ for capturing your doggy at their best. Like most things, there are easier ways to photograph your pet, and ways to make things more difficult for yourself. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for making life easy, so we’ll start there: Doggy Photo Do’s   Get your dog comfortable with the camera First and foremost, it is much easier when your dog isn’t scared of the gadget you’re using to take photos with (or in some cases, trying to chew it thinking it’s a treat…) Let’s be honest, you don’t want a photo of your dog looking scared, or the inside of their mouth as they try to eat your camera/phone. Get them used to you holding your camera whilst you make a fuss of them. Give them a few treats to help them see the camera as a nice thing. Have some practice sessions; take a few quick photos, praising/treating them when they stay still or give you a good shot. They’ll be pro-posers like these boys in no time… Entrapment! You know your dog best. There will be something they just can’t resist. Stealing socks? Drinking out of the toilet? Rolling in leaves? A small pile of dog treats left mysteriously unattended in the middle of the living room? Get creative and you’ll find something too tempting for your pup to pass up. Once they’re engrossed in whatever trap you’ve laid for them it’s lights, camera, action! Give us a smile! This one works every time. Take Fido for a quick walk or play a few rounds of fetch. Make sure you get them good and excited. Direct them back to where you want your photo (bonus points for setting a trap!) By now, your little buddy should be panting up a storm, tongue dangling in the breeze with a particularly soppy look. Get snapping! (Don’t forget the water bowl too!) Get Sneaky If you just can’t get them to sit still long enough for that perfect snap, it’s time to initiate stealth-mode. Lose the shoes and sneak up whilst they’re sleeping. If you can catch them snuggled in a bed, on the sofa or under a blanket, all the better! If you pull it off, fantastic; you’ll have a sleepy shot worthy of framing. If not, at least you’ll capture the expression as your buddy realises they’re busted!   Get down! It may seem like a lot of effort, but trust me – it’s worth it. Get down on the floor, at your dog’s level. This enables different shots due to the angle, whilst also helping to put your dog in a more playful and cheeky mood (always good for capturing

A Very Maysie’s Christmas

1st December 2016
We love a bit of Christmas here at Maysie’s Pet Care. As you’ve probably guessed, we also love having a houseful of doggies. We tend to get a little over-excited when the two are combined… gathering all sorts of doggie-themed bits and bobs (some Christmassy winners and some Scroogy losers!) To help you out this festive season, here’s a few recommendations to make your four-legged friend’s Christmas extra special. Woof! If you’d like to buy any of the following gifts for your pup, click on the image, and it’ll take you straight to the online store you can buy them at. CHRISTMAS ESSENTIALS Personalised Pet Santa Sack: 100% cotton sacks to bundle up all of your little buddie’s gifts. Let’s be honest, you’re going to need one after going through this list! Good Boy Dog Advent Calendar: Find a doggie chocolate drop behind each door – why should they miss out on all the festive fun? Good Boy Christmas Stocking: Give your pooch the perfect prezzie this Christmas. Stocking contains a yummy selection of treats and chews, with a toy to play with too! Doggy Christmas Dinner: Three Bird Festive Feast from Lily’s Kitchen. A wholesome and delicious Christmas dinner for your furry friend. Your doggie deserves a Christmas dinner too, right? Good Boy Mince Pies: It’s not a proper Christmas dinner without doggie mince pies! EXTRA SPECIAL GIFTS Houndworthy Luxury Christmas Dog Treat Box: For something a little more special this Christmas, the Houndworthy Box is a nothing short of exceptional. This personalised festive box contains a varied selection of British-made dog treats, the most sophisticated canine Christmas cracker on the planet, a super cute Christmas pupbake cupcake for dogs and an old-school leather bone dog toy. Put something truly special under the tree for your four-legged friend. Chances are they’ve earned it! Hottie Microwavable Warming Pet Bed: Ideal for the cold winter months. A few minutes in the microwave and the bed stays toasty for hours of snoozing. The gentle sustained warmth is ideal for keeping your pet warm and relaxed (Christmas time can be a little much for some doggies – especially if there are fireworks involved). TOYS Dog Life Stuffing-Free Turkey Toy: Has your dog got a tummy too sensitive for Christmas dinner and lots of treats? There’s no need for them to miss out on Christmas turkey with this festive Christmas Turkey toy! Christmas Ball Toys: Bring fun and games to your doggie this Christmas with these great soft-textured festive squeaky toys! CLOTHING Doggy Christmas Jumper: Everyone should have a knitted Christmas jumper – so why leave your pooch out? Let them spend Christmas in style with this snazzy Rudolph number! Christmas Bandana Collar: A festive Christmas collar for your little buddy. Yappy Christmas! Doggie Christmas Bow Tie: Want your pet to look festively dapper this Christmas? We’ve got you covered! What a smart doggie! Equafleece Dog Jackets & Jumpers: Specially made to keep your dog warm and dry on muddy winter walks, these clever
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