About Us


We’re Maysie’s Pet Care, otherwise known as Chloe and Dave. We provide pet care services full-time from our home in the village of Eccles, Kent. We live right by a dog-friendly park and are surrounded by lots of lovely walks through woodlands and fields. We have many years of experience caring for pets of all shapes and sizes. All pets are cared for with their usual rules and routines in mind, but treated as if they are one of our own. We aim for your pets to enjoy their time with us, and for you to be worry-free. If you’d like to know more, read on, or get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! ☺

We tend to ask lots of questions about your pets, so we thought it only fair to let you know a bit about each of us…



Chloe can usually be spotted drinking tea or applying glitter to something. Growing up in a house with various pets, Chloe doesn’t feel at home unless she can hear the tip-tap of paws (thank you, laminate) or a pet making mischief somewhere. Chloe has a particular fondness for dogs who like cuddles, as well as the ones who are a little bit naughty… Chloe has qualifications in Animal (and Human) Psychology and also works in Adolescent Mental Health. Chloe is trained in Canine First Aid.

Ideal Pet: Dinosaur.

Random Fact: Chloe is a retired Kent Roller Girl. (Google “Roller Derby”).



Dave’s natural habitat has become the fields/woodland near our home (usually whilst surrounded by a small army of dogs). When he’s not out walking, he tends to be tinkering with or building something absurd for no apparent reason. Dave is usually adopted by any dog that has a tendency for sneakiness, sock-stealing and general shenanigans (not to mention making ridiculous noises – naming no names, Bugsy Beagle!) If there is someone in the house being taken out by a dog the size of a horse, it’s a fair bet that it’ll be him. Dave has qualifications in Dog Training and Canine First Aid.

Ideal pet: Honey Badger.

Random fact: Dave once bested a rugby team full of men twice his size at a burger eating competition.

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