Bugsy Beagle’s Wedding Day

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“Dapper wedding Bugsy”

We love our jobs here at Maysie’s Pet Care for lots of reasons. One of which is the people we are lucky enough to call our clients.

Due to the services we provide, we tend to attract people who truly love their pets. As a result, we get to meet a lot of really lovely people that are a genuine pleasure to deal with.

Today, two of our wonderful clients are off getting married (hooray!) and we’re lucky enough to be looking after their beloved pooch, and our good pal, Bugsy. We couldn’t have the Bugster missing out on an occasion as special as this, so the camera has come out and a certain Beagle is looking rather dapper!

Huge Congratulations and Best Wishes to Chen and Jay,

Dave, Chloe and (especially) Bugsy


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