Maysie’s and Dogs Unite!

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“Still don’t know what it is. Still want it.”

Here at Maysie’s Pet Care, as well as doggy daycare and boarding, we like to try and do our bit for charity. So obviously, being dog mad as we are, Dogs Unite! is right up our street.

Every hour, someone in the UK goes blind. Dogs Unite! do some amazing work providing Guide Dogs to help individuals retain their independence (as well as getting a new four-legged best friend in the process!).

Getting involved couldn’t be easier and we would definitely recommend doing whatever you can, whether it be a monthly donation, sponsoring someone at a Dogs Unite! event or even getting involved yourself. As well as doing a good deed (cue warm fuzzy feeling), you’ll have a lot of fun and make some great memories in the process!

We had a fantastic time on the Dogs Unite! charity walk today. Frodo & Lola were absolute doggie heroes! With plenty of treats to eat, other doggies to meet and a nice long walk for good measure – I think they had an even better time than we did!

A big thank you to everyone who donated and helped us smash our target. As a little token of our appreciation, we hope you enjoy some of the pictures below.

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