Maysie’s Brand New Garden

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“Eddie loves the sunshine”

Here at Maysie’s Pet Care, there’s always something going on in the background to upgrade the place for our four-legged friends. One of our bigger projects is finally complete and now being enjoyed by our canine customers!

Given that we pride ourselves as a holiday home for our dog boarding guests, as well as a home-from-home for our doggie daycare pals, a simple lawn and patio set-up seemed a little dull for our garden.

So, a team effort has been ticking over quietly behind the scenes, from Chloe’s design through to Dave’s (seemingly never ending) install of the new Maysie’s Pet Care (beach-themed) Garden.
From the lovely looks of our beach-hut styled edging and seaside pebbles, through to the rugged artificial lawn that puts up with all the rough & tumble our furry friends can throw at it – we’re really pleased with how things have turned out. And looking at the smiling faces in the photos below – I’d say we aren’t the only ones!

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