We provide a range of services in our home; from a few hours of daycare through to longer-term stays for those ‘once in a lifetime’ adventures.

Home dog boarding has become a popular alternative to using kennels when you go on holiday, away for business, to special events, etc. We believe it’s a nicer experience for your dog to stay in a loving home with human companionship, doggy playmates and no cages.

We look after your dog(s) in our own home, just as we would if they were our own pets.

Home Dog Boarding

Overnight stays ranging from 1 night up to however long you require. We will follow your dog’s usual routine as much as possible. Your dog can also expect a little holiday of their own, complete with treats, outdoor adventures, cuddles if wanted and baths/brushing if needed :)

Prices start at £30 per night – this decreases depending on the length of stay. We also offer reduced rates when booking in more than one dog. We recommend you contact us for a quote.

Doggy Daycare

For those days when you’re not around or busy with other things – maybe you’re at work, decorating the house, out at an event or need some time to yourself. Rather than worrying about leaving your canine pal on their own or not giving them enough attention, why not send them round for a play-date with some other friendly doggies? They’ll get a couple of nice outings in the countryside and plenty of time to play games in the garden, followed by lots of cuddles for any puffed out pooches who want a lay down.

Prices start at £25 per day – discounted rates for multiple days per week, or when booking in more than one dog. We recommend you contact us for a quote.

Half Daycare

Only popping out for a few hours? Maybe you just want your little buddy to have some fun with a few playful doggy friends? Not a problem! Whatever your reason we’ll make sure your dog gets a good few hours play, lots of exercise and will come home with empty batteries!

Send them round for up to four hours for £15. Discounted rates when booking in more than one dog.

Pet Care Drop-Ins

Need someone to pop in and care for the fish/cat/budgie/African Pygmy Hedgehog (yes, they’re a thing and we have a regular spiky little customer!) whilst you’re away? Get in touch and we will happily provide a quote depending on your needs and location.

Due to the nature of our business, we can only provide this service to customers who live reasonably nearby.

Pet Events

Beagle Bundle? Pug Party? Shih Tzu Shindig?

We’ve got you covered!

Get in touch with your requirements and ideas. We’ll sort you a quote and arrange an event to remember for your pampered pooch!

Dog Socialisation

If you think your dog could do with a helping hand mixing well with others, we can help. We’ve had a good deal of success introducing nervous dogs to new friends, helping them over time to become more confident and relaxed around other dogs.

We don’t provide a separate price for this service. If it’s something you would like to explore, get in touch. We can discuss your requirements and make recommendations from there. Let us know your dog’s current presentation and behaviour around others, as well as what you hope to achieve. We’ll try our best to help you get there!

Please remember we do not offer our services to dogs who are aggressive or vicious towards others.

Dog Walking

If you are nearby to Eccles Village, we can pick up your doggy to come out to play with a few friends. We provide group walks only.

Prices start at £10 for 1 hour. Discounted rates for more than one dog.

Need something else?

We love getting involved in all sorts of projects. Feel free to get in touch with your weird and wonderful requests! We will get back to you with a personalised quote.

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